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Where were you?


I’ve been hearing this a lot in my country on the Facebook and Twitter posts about Gaza. “Where were you when the Shi’a and Ahmedi Genocide was taking place? When churches were bombed and temples were burnt? Why don’t you support the Blasphemy law victims? Rape and Honour killing victims?” 

Quit whining. At least we stood up for something. Better than silently watching everything. This proves that we, our generation can actually make a difference and we can stand up for something. True, we should’ve stood up for all of that and that was equally wrong. But we were poorly informed and that is not an excuse. Palestine is an ongoing Issue all around the world with many people protesting in this cause. We are united with our Muslim brothers and sisters and people of other religions all around the world against one common enemy; Israel. It is Palestine v/s Israel. Us v/s Israel. We have one common external enemy. That’s not the case with our country. We don’t have one external enemy. We are own enemy. Our own citizens are the reason for this bloodshed. Who killed the Shi’as? Us. Who killed the Ahmedis? Us. Who refused to raise their voice for the victims of Rape and Blasphemy Law? Us. Who didn’t stand up for the Bombed Churches and Burnt Temples? Yet again, Us. Corruption is present within us. We are too divided to stand up against the injustice. Seeing this, I believe can be united in one cause. Hopefully, in the future we will once again unite against the injustice in out country. We are the rulers of tomorrow. Hopefully the differences won’t be so stark between us and we will rise as a nation. We can do it!


From the ashes, we will rise again.


Hairat hoti hai Karachi walon key sabr aur bardasht par,

Itna kuch sehtay hain, itney zulm jhailtey hain,

Lekin phir bhi, har subah phir jaag uthtey hain,

Ik nai umeed sey, ik nai justaju sey.

Tou phir maan lo, in key dilon meh jo aag jalti hai, 

Iss ko bujhana na mumkin hai.



Aren’t you surprised at the patience and tolerance of the people of Karachi?

They endure so much cruelty, withstand injustice.

And yet, every morning, they rise again,

With a new hope, with a new quest.

And you have to admit, the fire that burns in their hearts,

Can not be extinguished.