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Strong people survive longer.


Strong people survive longer.

Be one of the strong ones, who people look up to and are ready to follow. These people rise above everyone else and survive longer in the society. Be the one that stands out in this weak and unfair system, not one of the weak ones who create it.

I Lost My Bone.



Something is wrong with me. Something is definately wrong with me. I am the type of the girl who crys at movie/drama scenes. I mean I literally cry. Those kind of scenes when the girl or the boy leaves his significant other just to protect them and they actually hurt the other person so he/she would hate them and it would be easy to leave. And all this time they are appearing like a total mean and hateful person who doesn’t care but inside they are hurting really bad. That really gets my water works working. And I smile when the girl and the guy finally get together. 

But lately I have been watching a lot of TV shows and there are a lot of sad scenes and happy ones but my expression stays blank. It’s like I’ve lost the sensitively romantic bone in my body. It doesn’t affect me. Earlier I could literally feel how the person must be feeling but now I’m like, “Aw, come on! It can’t be that bad!” Seriously? I don’t work that way. I like being the touchy sensitive person. I don’t want to be made out of stone. 

Over-reacting? Or just insecure? [ADVICE NEEDED: PLEASE HELP]


Is it normal for you to exchange your Facebook passwords with your guy friend? Well, forme something so insignificant as a Facebook password isn’t really a big deal but well he is different and to him it is. Anyhow so we exchanged passwords at the start he had forbidden me to look at his messages but later on he said it was okay and we both read each others conversations and it wasn’t such a big deal because we were open to each other and we trusted each other. But after I read his chat with my best friend, I feel hesitant to log into his ID. See, the other day he called me and he said that he wanted to make her his girlfriend because he felt that she would be serious with him and later that night they were flirting with each other, in a friendly way and they may not have any such intentions but maybe they weren’t and I’m just trying to reassure myself. I just feel so insecure and I have no idea what to do (I have kind of developed feelings for him and she knows about it). Then the other day I logged in to delete some message from our conversation and I read their conversation again and this time he really said it out to her that he would want her to be his girlfriend and she was all armed and ready to flirt. I am kind of stuck here. I have no right whatsoever to talk to either of them about this because 1. I am not his girlfriend to be upset at this and he is not committed to me. 2. I have absolutely no right over them. 3. Who am I the one to poke my nose in their business? 4. What reason do I have to be upset? 

As much as I realize all my faults I can’t seem to help the situation. And now, before I log into his ID even for something important I have to think about it at least ten times. And when I do read their conversations depression sweeps over me. I have no idea what to do. Is it really justified for her to flirt with him even as a joke? What if they accidentally fall in love during this whole joke? Or am I just over-reacting? Should I even care about both of them anymore? Am I being a true friend?

Who? Him? Oh, he’s just my guy friend.


Lately, I’ve been noticing a strange thing about all the guys and their attitude towards girls. They have a habit of flirting with all those girls out there aiming to please them and sometimes even starting a relationship with them. But none of them take these too seriously and these girls are just their time-pass. But at the end of the day they all have that one girl whom they really care about. They don’t think of her as ‘the one’ or even as their real girlfriend. She is just their friend but they would fight the world for her. They never show it nor express it (sometimes because they are unaware of it), but they love her deeply. When she is in danger they suddenly leap into this action mode where they would crush anything that would threaten to hurt her. However how many girls they flirt with they see this one girl  talking to another guy, they are taken over by the green monster. Overwhelmed with jealousy, they become protective and threaten to kill the person, even if it’s their best friend. This mode may be the cutest and you finally realize how much they care for you. As they all say, “Every boy wants a girl who is bad only for him.” So, as unfair as it seems, it makes you feel quite special at times. Boys, as insensitive as they may seem, they are the most vulnerable and breakable creatures alive. They really break if you leave them. At the moment it may seem that your friend doesn’t care about because he gives other girls more attention than you but deep down he can love no other like he loves you and if you get frustrated and leave then he will miss you like no other and he will apologize to you. He would give anything in the world just to have you back and you should forgive him. (But, at the same time think before you make a decision. Boys have a way with words. Make him realize your value.) If a boy really cares for you even if he “just your friend,” be with him till the end. Trust me, he’s a keeper and may be the one that really cares about from the bottom of his heart. 


Silence killed you.


They lurked in shadows, looking for preys, to feed their hungry mouths. They abducted people, enclosing them in their arms, scarring them for life. You knew who they were and what they did, but you never cared enough to raise voice. They took away the people around you, one by one.Your mind screamed, your heart shed bitter tears and your soul shattered in anguish, but what use were they, when your tongue was a silent spectator. Your silence, became your weakness, their strength. They destroyed your loved ones, fed on their screams, you never uttered a word. Your words, drowned in fear, never made a difference. You lost all your loved ones and today, when you are all alone, they won’t come to destroy you, because you’re already destroyed, at the hands of your own silence.


Dreamers <3



So I am a dreamer. I dream and i believe in my dreams. I believe in true love, I believe in fantasies, I believe that there is still some good out there, I think beyond the boundaries, I believe in unicorns. So call me insane, call me a child, call me a fool, call me immature. But I have something to live for, I have a dream to live for. And I am willing to cross the seven seas to make it come true. Regard my words as meaningless or nonsense, but I believe in unicorns. 


Confusions- CLEARED!


That feeling when all your confusions are cleared is priceless. It’s a time when you can finally relax and take a deep breath because the worst part is over. You can finally see your way in life, paved ahead of you. All that’s left to do is take a step and begin this new journey of life. And nobody can change you decisions, nobody can make you stop, nobody can lead you astray. Because you know where you stand, where you belong and where you need to go. Your pathway through the forest of life, had always been there. You just needed to clear the way of the vines of confusions and you finally did that. You did it! 

…you miss her…



She waited for you,

you never came.

She cried for you,

you never cared.

She wanted to talk to you,

you were too busy.

She missed you,

you never thought about her.

She needed you,

you were never there.

She wiped her tears,

and smiled.

She stopped missing you,

until she stopped thinking about you altogether.

She let you go,

moved on with her life.

She learned to survive without you,

And now when you finally returned,

She was there no more,

and you miss her.

(You, know what’s really ironic about this? It’s that I wrote this and right after I did so, I got his message saying he was too busy to talk to me. )

Beauty-a rare thing


Beauty, something that is all around us but we rarely find it because we don’t know how or where to look.

Beauty is something that comes from within. It’s the soul that is beautiful not the face. It’s what’s inside your heart. The person that you actually are on the inside that is what should be beautiful. It’s how you react to the people around you, how you treat them. It’s the many unique qualities that you have that make you one in a million, they are beautiful. People, today, mistake beauty as the pretty faces around them. Pretty faces are nothing more than a mirage, an illusion which won’t last long. Because, time, a cruel creature, destroys everything in its path and beauty, among others, just happens to be in it.  Beauty is when a person smiles and that smile touches his eyes, filling them with the joy of life.

Beauty won’t just come to you, you need to find it. Look deep inside the people around you, beauty is everywhere. It’s in their smiles, perfect or twisted. It’s deep inside their gleaming eyes. Beautiful minds and souls make beautiful faces. Pretty faces don’t last, it won’t be long before those faces are scarred by the destruction of old age.

If people love others for their faces and others love them for their faces, won’t they get tired of each other soon? Because if someone makes me smile, it’s the way he is not the way his face is. And people can get tired of the same faces soon enough if they don’t know what’s behind it. If people love someone for their so-called ‘beauty’ and the scar that ‘beauty’ then who do they have by their side? Who loves them now?

People have scarred beauty with their misinterpretations and mixed meanings. The world is materialistic but that doesn’t mean we become like it. Beauty can be anywhere, hidden under the most ugly disguises. Beauty lies in our eyes, how we choose to look for at and where to look for it. Look under that ugly veil and you’ll find the most beautiful soul which even the fairest person couldn’t possess.

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder

Under the Mask…



I am not who i seem to be. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t lie because I like it, I lie to protect myself. I am hidden behind a mask, one that wasn’t created by me in a days time but created on it’s own over the passage of time and lies. It’s not you I don’t trust it’s myself. I fear that you may not like what you will find beneath that mask. I fear being rejected. What if you don’t like what you’ll find? I don’t want to lose you. My mask changes to everybody’s liking. What if what lies underneath is not what you like? I am full of insecurities. I have a lot of confessions to make. I get jealous easily because everybody else is so much better than me.  What if you leave me? What if you get tired of me? There is nothing special about me. I just love you too much and i am possessive about you. I cry myself to sleep. A lot. I feel sorry for who I am. I am not proud of myself. It’s not as if I’ve lied to you about everything but there are are just somethings that, I feel, are better left unspoken, left for you to understand. It has taken a lot of courage for me to tell you all this, to finally break down my mask.