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It breaks me to say this.


Kis qadr sharm ka muqaam hai yeh, keh Musalman honey key bawujood, humey Khuda sey ziada logon ka khauf hai. 

Translation: The height of embarrassment, that being a Muslim, we fear people more than we fear God.  

The Kite Runner-Khaled Hosseni



I recently just finished reading this book and I have one word for it; AMAZING! It was beautifully written and the emotions and the hardships are so vivid and real that as you go along reading you become lost in it with the characters and you can almost see the story unwinding before your eyes. Khaled Hosseini is a gifted author and the picture he paints in our mind with his words is so accurate and mesmerizing that you find it hard to set down the book. 

The way he writes about Hassan’s undeniable loyalty towards Amir is so beautiful. And this is actually true, there are a lot of friends that are so loyal that they would sacrifice their own lives for their friends’ sake and had they stumble upon such a mishappen Hassan would’ve done just that. It’s beautiful the way Hosseini molds Amir’s character in our minds, a good boy with tinge of evil. That is what is realistic. Although Amir is the main character, we see a lot of flaws in him. He gets jealous, he takes advantages of Hassan’s inabilities and most of all he doesn’t have the courage to stand up to what’s wrong. However, we still fall in love with those characters. 

The violence that Hosseini shows in Afghanistan it is actually quite acurate. The talibans are truly soul-less animals. They have no value for life and their hearts are made of stone andthey do not feel a thing when they kill an innocent person. Like it is said in the book, they aren’t what they call themselves. They are not following the path of Islam because Islam strictly forbids all Muslims to take an innocent person’s life. What Assef did, killing all those Hazara Shi’aas was the most savage act. True Shi’aas and Sunnis have a lot of disputes but above all we are all Muslims and we do not kill our brothers and sisters. The taliban are not even humans let alone Muslims. As Muslims we aren’t even allowed to force a person into accepting Islam. Being a Pakistani, I can relate to the violence and injustice happening in Afghanistan. Recently a bomb blast killed all the Hazaras in their land and it was a real tragedy. It broke our hearts. It’s saddening how violence and weapons take the life of many almost everday and not a single one of us is bold enough to raise our voices.

There are some books that, even after you have turned the last page, make you feel complete and satisfied. This book was one of them especially because it had a beautiful ending, filled with hope and happiness. It talks about a new start. A little part of the old mixed with the new.

Ramadan: Finding Inner Peace


Okay so we’re halfway through Ramadan. Whew! Time fly’s so fast in this month. anyhow, sorry for being totally MIA, my internet wasn’t working.

During Ramadan, I find this inner peace that’s impossible to find during the busy days of the rest of the year. There is something relaxing about keeping a fast during which you not only abstain from eating but all sinful acts too. After Fajr prayers (Dawn) I have a habit of reciting Quran. And must I tell you, it’s so relaxing. It’s that time of the day when all the world outside is coming to life, the birds are chirping while the rest of the world sleeps. In that time, while reciting Quran I feel strangely connected to God. I feel the same connection while praying to God on the nights of Ibadat (praying to God.) It’s in those moments that I feel the most sincere while I beg for forgiveness. I treasure these kind of moments.

So you see there is thing about Ramadan, you not only fast from dawn to sunset, you learn to have patience, and the importance of helping the poor. But most of all you learn to thank God for every little thing you have. When you have spent the entire day with an empty stomach and everything seems delicious to you, you thank God that he made you this fortunate that you have so much to eat. All those things that you hate to eat are all blessings for which you forgot to thank God. Along with this you also get an insight to the lives of all those people who go days without eating anything because they can’t afford it. But nevertheless we can never know exactly how much those people suffer through everyday.

Ramadan is a very blessed month for all of us. I love Ramadan and the feeling that comes with it. But I can not deny how much I am waiting for Eid. (The three days of celebration at the end of Ramadan.) It’s my favourite time of the year. Until then it’s all busy.