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The Cycle Repeats.


What is it with people? Is it their hobby or something? Their passion? Something they take pleasure in? A past time? Something that makes them feel alive?

People love to disappoint, don’t they? It’s just that when you start to get closer to somebody and you get to know them, you start to expect things out of them. At first its little things and then big ones. It all goes fine at first and you are high up in the sky on cloud 9. But then the person get’s a sudden urge to pull you down. They disappoint you, in the worst way possible. And it breaks your heart. Shatters it. You cry, you scream but nobody else knows because you keep it to yourself. Soon enough you realize that it was your fault after all. You are the one who expected something. You are the one who gave them the opportunity to break you. And after that, you wipe your tears, you get up and walk away carrying the memory of the pain you felt. You make it a habit never to expect anything out of anybody. You don’t let anybody get close to you. You put up a barrier against people, even the ones you love. You vow to protect yourself from that heartbreak.

But once in a while, a person comes around. A person who makes you want to lower the barrier and to give him a chance. And silly as you are you neglect the memory you carry with you. You forget the pain you felt, the agony you went through. And yet again, you give them the chance. You let them come close. You begin to expect things from them. And once again, you are disappointed. You are broken. You fall, you cry, you scream. You realize your mistake. You wipe your tears, you get up and walk away, this time carrying a new memory of pain with you.


Happy Endings?


I don’t believe in happy endings. They don’t exist. They can’t be possible. Some people may agree with me and some people may be disgusted at my thoughts. I’m not trying to be insensitive but they just can’t exist.
I saw, what some people would call a ‘happy ending’ happen right in front of me. I would rather call it a happy moment because my definition of an ending is when you die. That is your ultimate end. Whatever happens before that? Those are just merely the different aspects of life.
Life is never balanced to one thing. You can’t always be happy and you can’t always be in pain. At some point you’ll be joyful and at some point you’ll be in grief. That is how life is. Problems won’t end after having a ‘happy ending’.
Happy endings are only the happy times of your life, memories of which you will cherish forever. So don’t think that once you get marrid to the right guy your problems in life will end. They will be better of course now that you have a companion to give you support and become your backbone in times of need.
I really am not an insensitive Person and I like happy endings but this is to point out the fantasies we make up in our minds seeing all those fairytales in our childhood.
So remember happy moments: don’t last but are never forgotten.