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Just listen


“There’s a lot of difference between listening and hearing”
G.K Chesterton

The other day I was thinking and I realized, nobody knows how to listen anymore. They can only hear you but not understand you. People don’t understand that sometimes one just wants to be understood. He doesn’t want your advices or you sympathetic words. He just want someone who will listen to him, understand him. Sometimes all a person needs to feel better is to be understood.
Recently I was talking to my bestfriend and our conversation went like this
Me: Yesterday I talked to him (the guy I love)
Her: You did WHAT? Are you crazy or something? Even after I told you not to. I told you not to message him. You just don’t listen to me do you? Why don’t you ever understand? You shouldn’t talk to him.
Me: Will you please just listen? Just listen what happened then start screaming at me. It’s not ne who doesn’t listen it’s you.

So you see. I had hardly said anything and she started judging me. You wouldn’t believe how annoying this is. If you come accross friends like these you will definately think twice before telling them anything. And you see it actually hurts When you realize that the people around can hear you but they can’t understand you.
Listening is an art. It’s a talent. A talent that all of us have if we just put some effort in trying to keep our mouth shut and our ears open. Also, when you listen to someone they would also listen to your opinions. Later, When they are done talking.
And personally I feel a lot better when someone has listened to me. It feels as if a huge burden has been lifted from my shoulders. It feels as if I’m important to someone and as if someone cares.
Listening, try it sometimes and you’ll see the world from another pair of eyes and a whole new perspective. 🙂