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I’ve realized something about life; it’s all about balance and judging the situation that you’re in and making the right decison. We always have a choice. When we are suck in a situation and we ask for advice, we get two types of advice, both opposing each other. While both seem right it is upto us to make the right choice regardless of the person who is giving us this advice. When we are stuck in a relationship we can either chose to let go or hold on. There is no one simple rule that applies to every situation. It’s all about judging the situation and making the right choice that leaves us in a better position.


Who Are You to Judge?



Judging. We all do it and all of us have been taught not to do it, maybe the hard way, maybe the simple way. But we still do it unconcsiously or maybe on purpose. What we don’t realize is that we wasting our time doing the most stupid thing we could. honestly speaking we shouldn’t even care how a person is. If he is not close to us then who are we to say anything, we don’t really have the right to do so. and, if that person is close to us then it wouldn’t be such a pain going to them and mentioning our discomfort? ¬†Would it?

I would like to share an experiance with you. I am very bad at judging. I literally suck at it. My judgements are always wrong. (Yes I’ve judged many people too.) Ok, so there was this girl, 2 years older than me, who was known for being very arrogant and a cheapster. She had a very bad reputation and was known as a slut. So, I created an image of her in my mind based around those rumors. Well there were these sports practices and she would always smile at me. So, somehow we started talking and believe me she wasn’t even close to what i was expecting. She was so sweet and definately not a slut. And today she is my dearest bestfriend.

So you see, when you are judging people you miss out on all he fun life carries with itself. Now, I have stopped judging. Because previously all the people whom I used to judge have become my dearest frineds now.

Most of our judgements are based on the pointless rumours we hear. These rumours are such a waste of time that anybody who even believes them would be an idiot and frankly speaking most of are. Rumours, they say, are carried by haters, spread by fools and accepted by idiots. this statement is so ture. I mean how can you even think about something about a person you haven’t ever talked to let alone know. That is just plain stupidity.

Another thing, while most of us are so busy creating and spreading rumours, there are plenty of people doing the same with us. How does that feel? How does it feel to know that people around you are making up crazy assumtions and scenarios in their mind and spreading it to others. So, before you trample upon someone’s reputation think about yours first. Walk a mile in their shoes and feel their emotions. But, after that who cares? They are a mile away and you have their shoes.