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I Lost My Bone.



Something is wrong with me. Something is definately wrong with me. I am the type of the girl who crys at movie/drama scenes. I mean I literally cry. Those kind of scenes when the girl or the boy leaves his significant other just to protect them and they actually hurt the other person so he/she would hate them and it would be easy to leave. And all this time they are appearing like a total mean and hateful person who doesn’t care but inside they are hurting really bad. That really gets my water works working. And I smile when the girl and the guy finally get together. 

But lately I have been watching a lot of TV shows and there are a lot of sad scenes and happy ones but my expression stays blank. It’s like I’ve lost the sensitively romantic bone in my body. It doesn’t affect me. Earlier I could literally feel how the person must be feeling but now I’m like, “Aw, come on! It can’t be that bad!” Seriously? I don’t work that way. I like being the touchy sensitive person. I don’t want to be made out of stone. 


normal to bitch?? is that even possible?? :O



This is the farmost untrue thing I’ve heard.  I mean I am not a bitch. And the truth is that I actually can’t be a bitch. I either end up forgiving people or most of the time I’m nice to my enemies to be exact. If I am a bitch then I would be one with you from the start to keep you on guard. But if I’m not a bitch then I won’t be one with you even if you hurt me to the extent of my tolerance. I might explode with fury (I’ll start crying most likely ) but you can be sure as hell that I won’t become a bitch. Yes it’s true my action are based on who I am but my reactions are based on you but still, my reaction won’t be those of a bitch.


But apart from all this, girls one word of advice. It’s healthy to be a bitch. Believe me. Don’t let them think you are easy or that they can hurt you as much as they want. Because they will. And when you can’t be a bitch then there is nothing you can do. You are just helpless.