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I Still Remember What I Did Last Summer



As it is, I happen to be a firm believer in this. Most of us are and we do tend to move on from our horrible pasts and forget about it sooner or later. But there are some of us who have committed such mistakes in our pasts that we find it hard to let go. I have a friend who is suffering from a similar situation. Two years ago, she made a mistake. Though, nobody other than us knows about it, she is unable to forget it or forgive herself for committing it in the first place. She states that forgetting it and moving on won’t change what she did. But regretting over it won’t either. It’s easy to understand that it hasn’t been long since this unfortunate event and it’s quite reasonable for her to be upset over it but for how long does she want to put up with this regret?

She refuses to get into any relationship with any guy or even get close to a guy because as we all know that in a relationship, be it love or just friendship, it can not start with secrets. In order to keep a healthy relationship we have to keep ourselves open. She fears that if she tells somebody about her past, no matter how close they have gotten, the person will not accept herpast and will eventually start hating her for it. It will change their whole perspective about her and she will lose them. This is quite reasonable because not many guys accept a girl’s ugly past. They just can’t accept that there was someone before them. No matter how long ago it happened, it will affect them whether they decide to show it or not and later on in the long run, this topic of discussion will come up in the numerous arguments that they will go through. It’s like a stab of pain whenever they think about it. Same is the case with girls.

Ah girls! Jealous, jealous girls! (Stop smirking, I am one of them!) We (Yes, I’ll speak in first-person now) don’t like the idea of another girl with our guy. The thought is infuriating.  I have to admit, this behavior is quite irrational. I mean what’s happened in the past in is in the past. It’s won’t happen again so we can let go of our held-up breaths. We all need to move on. And moving on doesn’t just mean living on with our life. It means forgetting it. Completely. It may seem hard but we need to realize that the person who we are with right now loves us unconditionally. If he/she was still attached to his past lovers then he would be with them and not with us. It’s as simple as that.

My friend also changed a lot. changes that can be termed both as good and bad. The good part is that she realized her limits with everybody. She knows when to stop when things start to get too far. The bad part, however, is that she realized her limits and backs off abruptly, leaving the person hurt and wounded. She says that these changes have saved her from many situations that could hurt her. Obviously, from what she has been through it is only natural that she is protecting herself but God, she doesn’t have to punish others.

Well, so I had a long conversation with her regarding this topic but the stubborn girl that she is she is adamant on her thoughts. I think that we shouldn’t exactly forget our past but remember it in a good way, so in the future we can avoid such mistakes and make the best out of them. Others’ pasts however are not so significant as they are gone and now we are the ones that matter. Cheers.


…burning flames…


(It’s not so good but I just wanted to get it out so…)

When all else fails to come though and everything has faded to the darkness of the night. There is not hope left, no wish to live anymore and the future is in smoke, uncertain. And you are left alone in the blinding fog. There is a flicker of flame and you cautiously search around, in a vain hope of finding the source of the blessed flame. And you realize that that flame is none other than your own soul. And that flame, always there but undiscovered until then, burns brighter. And you know that you have the power to bring change, to conquer the world, to rule it.


It is during our darkest moments, that we must focus to see the light.
~ Aristotle Onasis

This quote is has become a great source of inspiration for me lately considering the conditions of my country. The killings, the bomb blasts, the bloodshed, the dying innocent people, it’s all very disturbing. This quote gives me hope to a better and brighter future. It gives me a will to bring change around me. When darkness is all around and there is no sign of hope anywhere, you have to bring hope from within you. 

It is during ou…