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Beauty-a rare thing


Beauty, something that is all around us but we rarely find it because we don’t know how or where to look.

Beauty is something that comes from within. It’s the soul that is beautiful not the face. It’s what’s inside your heart. The person that you actually are on the inside that is what should be beautiful. It’s how you react to the people around you, how you treat them. It’s the many unique qualities that you have that make you one in a million, they are beautiful. People, today, mistake beauty as the pretty faces around them. Pretty faces are nothing more than a mirage, an illusion which won’t last long. Because, time, a cruel creature, destroys everything in its path and beauty, among others, just happens to be in it.  Beauty is when a person smiles and that smile touches his eyes, filling them with the joy of life.

Beauty won’t just come to you, you need to find it. Look deep inside the people around you, beauty is everywhere. It’s in their smiles, perfect or twisted. It’s deep inside their gleaming eyes. Beautiful minds and souls make beautiful faces. Pretty faces don’t last, it won’t be long before those faces are scarred by the destruction of old age.

If people love others for their faces and others love them for their faces, won’t they get tired of each other soon? Because if someone makes me smile, it’s the way he is not the way his face is. And people can get tired of the same faces soon enough if they don’t know what’s behind it. If people love someone for their so-called ‘beauty’ and the scar that ‘beauty’ then who do they have by their side? Who loves them now?

People have scarred beauty with their misinterpretations and mixed meanings. The world is materialistic but that doesn’t mean we become like it. Beauty can be anywhere, hidden under the most ugly disguises. Beauty lies in our eyes, how we choose to look for at and where to look for it. Look under that ugly veil and you’ll find the most beautiful soul which even the fairest person couldn’t possess.

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder

Her escape.


She crept up the hallway, eyes shining bright with excitment and thrill. Her escape just inches away, a few more minutes and then she would be free. Slowly she made her way, on all fours, cautiously searching for that woman who had imprisoned her. Carefull not to make any sound, she edged towards the door. Heart in mouth, eyes bright with elation, she reached the door and a feeling of triumph washed over her but that exultation was short lived as two long hads stretched out from the dark and grabbed her by the waist and pulled her back. She turned to look the woman smiled at her. Tears welled up in her eyes as the woman spoke, “Always upto mischeif aren’t you? You naughty little baby! Finish your vegetables!”

Who Is She?


She has that convincing smile plastered to her face as she listens to her bestfriend. Her smile doesn’t reach her eyes but it’s enough to convince her bestfriend. It’s surprising how many people she lies to and how many people believe her lies without any hesitation.

She is breaking inside. It won’t be long before she bursts out crying. The pain, it’s too much isn’t it? But no, she has to stay strong. She has to keep going. She can’t let anybody find out about her breaking heart. Let them believe in her happiness. Let them be fooled. She hopes to get over it soon and move on. But her past won’t let her go. It will keep her in his grasp torturing her. Tormenting her to the extent of the patience. Forcing her to scream out loud.

She wasn’t like this. What is it that has changed her so much? How long does she hope to keep this up? This act? How long will she fool everybody? How long will it take before she finally breaks?

She can put up quite a good show in front of everybody.  She can easily fool them with her decieving smile. But she can’t decieve me. She can’t fool me. Who is she you ask?  She is the girl in the mirror. hfgcjf