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And with time, you move on…


And with time, you move on...

As time passes, the suffereing ends. And you realize the importance of life, how short it is. And youtake out all the negative from your life and fill your heart and mind with happy thoughts of peole you love. And your soul, pure as Diana, the Goddess of chastity, shines like a star, bright in the midst of the unlit and dark sky.


It is during our darkest moments, that we must focus to see the light.
~ Aristotle Onasis

This quote is has become a great source of inspiration for me lately considering the conditions of my country. The killings, the bomb blasts, the bloodshed, the dying innocent people, it’s all very disturbing. This quote gives me hope to a better and brighter future. It gives me a will to bring change around me. When darkness is all around and there is no sign of hope anywhere, you have to bring hope from within you. 

It is during ou…