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A path lost, another paved


When darkness descends upon you and you are blinded, you lose your way. You can’t go back, you can’t go forward. You are stuck. Then it’s time to pave another way. There are only so many ways to your destiny and back. One of them is paved and has been walked by many before you, but it’s easy to get lost. And when you do, you start paving another one. One that’s firm beneath your feet, and others’ after you. And soon you reach your destiny. 

I Seek Solace.


These days I have this strange urge to disappear into the thin wind. My head is so full of unsorted things and I just feel like dropping everything and going on a vacation in a deserted place where there are no means of communication whatsoever to the people here. I need a break away from them all to think and clear my head. I want a fresh start somewhere else. Although this behavior of mine is quite questionable considering the fact that nothing bad has happened lately. But nothing good hasn’t either. I need a change. I need a time to myself. So I can explore myself, discover my hidden talents and unleash myself to the world. I seek solace in my solitude. I need a place where I finally have a peace of mind. I’m half way there but it’s just not enough. I feel the need to forget everything but somehow I am unable to do so. No matter how much I indulge myself in various activities and past times, somewhere at the back of my head, I can’t let go of everything. 

Silence killed you.


They lurked in shadows, looking for preys, to feed their hungry mouths. They abducted people, enclosing them in their arms, scarring them for life. You knew who they were and what they did, but you never cared enough to raise voice. They took away the people around you, one by one.Your mind screamed, your heart shed bitter tears and your soul shattered in anguish, but what use were they, when your tongue was a silent spectator. Your silence, became your weakness, their strength. They destroyed your loved ones, fed on their screams, you never uttered a word. Your words, drowned in fear, never made a difference. You lost all your loved ones and today, when you are all alone, they won’t come to destroy you, because you’re already destroyed, at the hands of your own silence.