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Friday Post #2: If you can’t tell your mom or your best friends about it, then it’s probably wrong.


A few years back, my mom said something to me and that sentence still rings in my ear every time I’m about to do something wrong. She said, “Never do such an act that compels you to hide it from your mom.” See every one of has a different point of view about things. For example; for some coming home late is no big deal but for others it is considered a big issue. Our values are related to our surroundings. Our friends and family have the same school of thought. if you are doing something so shameful that you can’t even bother telling your mother or your friends about it then surely it is wrong. They are bound to disapprove of your actions because that is not who you are. Deep down, even you know that what you are doing is wrong which is the main reason why you prefer to keep it a secret. Never do something that contradicts your character. It’s wrong and you know it.


Your words, Your actions.


Your words, Your actions.

Words don’t matter when your actions don’t support them. Don’t apologize when you don’t mean it, don’t make promises when you can’t keep them, don’t make decisions when you can’t stick to them and don’t tell someone you love them if you can’t prove it. Because while your mouth gives one message your actions display and entirely different one.