Save Palestine, save humanity.



Well I’m sure all of have heard of the “War” between Israel and Palestine.

Its not a war, it’s genocide. Right now, 1092 wounded and 164 deaths in Gaza. And how many of Israel are dead/wounded? 10? 20? I’m not saying that their deaths are not important but look at the statistics. You call this defending yourself? Bombing poor innocent families? Oh because 10 year old girl is oh so scary. She could wipe off the entire Israeli population, couldn’t she? If not her, then a newborn baby maybe? Or a disabled man? And 80 year old woman? They pose such a threat to you, don’t they? You are bombing people who don’t even own the weapons. They have been oppressed for such a long time. Where is the UN with it’s laws? Is this not wrong? Wiping off the entire Palestinian population? Is this what you call peace? Doesn’t Palestine deserve it’s freedom? And as for America. You call this being responsible? You teach your children to say No to Racism, Fighting and Bullying. Well how do you explain this? Is this not Racism? Massive deaths of Muslims? Where is your ‘Humanity?’ Nobody wants your bullshit charity when you have absolutely no morals and you are so eager to fund and support assassins. 

Put aside your differences for a second and ask yourself, Is this right? Is this humanity? You don’t need to be a Muslim to support Palestine, you just need to be a human. 


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  1. Your post grabbed me because I am totally against genocide, un-necessary invasion, and destruction of civilizations like this. I agree, Palastine has a right to be left alone. But how would you solve the problem? Wouldn’t intervening create more chaos? Haven’t we learned the hard way that every time a Western nation steps in, they are really taking over a government, and leaving a lop-sided unsustainable society in their wake? Also, Palastine isn’t without blame itself. I’m with you that this is awful, I’m just wondering what you’d suggest as a solution.

    • A western Nation has already intervened. America supplies Israel with weapons while Palestine is left unprotected. At least give them shelter and medical care. Yes Palestine has responded but of course they can’t respond in the same manner that they were attacked. But are the innocent people to blame for this? Throughout history all we see is that innocent people are bombed for the mistakes of a few. Israel is raising it’s new generation with a built in hatred for Palestine. I saw a video where children stated that they pictured themselves killing Palestinians and they were very happy to do so. Is that what a child should be saying? That is scary. The land should be equally divided between the two as Palestine were the original leaders of the land. There should be a peace treaty and each nation should be left in peace. USA should back off. No more supplying weapons. Both should be given equal resources and non should compromise on the other. And the UN should supply Palestine with aids to rebuild their houses, set up medical centres, rebuild infrastructure.

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