Busy Busy Me.


Finally Ramadan is here. Well it has been for 10 days but I was too busy to write about it until now. Ramadan is a month of the Muslim calendar in which we fast in the daylight hours. We start our fast before dawn and end it at sunset.

Days until now have been pretty hectic considering my lopsided schedule and not to mention my lazy self and it’s habit of procrastinating. To bo honest I don’t like procrastinating and while I’m doing I always have a voice at the back of my head telling me not to do and finish my work but I end up convincing myself that a some minutes won’t make much of a difference and later on as I curse myself I find myself unable to finish my task.

Ever since¬†summer vacation started, my sleep cycle has gotten a little upturned. I slept at 4 in the night and woke up at around 3 in the afternoon. I know shocking isn’t it? But it isn’t so unusual here in my country. Almost all the kids have the same schedule. But ever since Ramadan started i started sleeping at 5 in the morning after doing Sehri (a kind of snack/lunch we eat before sunrise before starting our fast).

What really worries me is that school is gonna start in less than a month and things are gonna get a lot more hectic. Ramadan will be over by then but there is gonna be a lot more to take up my time. Since I have made a plan to get back on track in my studies I’m gonna have to pay a lot more attention to my homework. But I believe there hardly gonna be anytime to socialize considering I’ll have cousins visiting from abroad and my mother happens to be quite fond of her nieces and nephews and may take us there to visit them frequently. Not to mention one of my cousins from my paternal side is also getting married. Oh joy!

To be honest I am literally dreading the start of the school.


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