Growing up tough.


Growing up is tough. We all have been through it and we all agree that it is not a bed of roses. The process of growing up is like refining process of diamonds. We get hurt a lot of times but in the end we emerge beautiful and flawless.

Growing up is something we have to do on our own. We have to pave our own way and walk it alone. I am still growing up and to be honest it is a scary experience. I need to make my own decisions because the choices that I make today will create the person I will be tomorrow. Many a time I have found myself stuck at crossroads, unable to make the right decision. I get confused between what I want and what is actually right for me. Growing up comes with a lot of responsibilites and expectations. It’s like a game of paintball; all sorts of responsibilties and challenges are hurled at you from all directions. Sometimes it all seems too much but we just need to balance it all out. Sometimes I am expected to act like an adult but remain a child. I am often told to control my wild imaginations and act mature however I am never given a chance to prove my maturity. At times I just feel like runing away from all of it. It’s like I am stuck in a room of mirrors where every mirror shows me a way out but all they do is drag me further in. But growing up is something that I would never take back. It has taught me valuable lessons of life. While growing up I have fought the fiercest battles and conquered my greatest fears. I have made numerous mistake and learnt from them.

While growing up we all struggle to survive. We fall, we cry,we get up and walk away. It is the worst and the best time of our lives. I want to make the most of this time and strive for a better future.


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