Who? Him? Oh, he’s just my guy friend.


Lately, I’ve been noticing a strange thing about all the guys and their attitude towards girls. They have a habit of flirting with all those girls out there aiming to please them and sometimes even starting a relationship with them. But none of them take these too seriously and these girls are just their time-pass. But at the end of the day they all have that one girl whom they really care about. They don’t think of her as ‘the one’ or even as their real girlfriend. She is just their friend but they would fight the world for her. They never show it nor express it (sometimes because they are unaware of it), but they love her deeply. When she is in danger they suddenly leap into this action mode where they would crush anything that would threaten to hurt her. However how many girls they flirt with they see this one girl  talking to another guy, they are taken over by the green monster. Overwhelmed with jealousy, they become protective and threaten to kill the person, even if it’s their best friend. This mode may be the cutest and you finally realize how much they care for you. As they all say, “Every boy wants a girl who is bad only for him.” So, as unfair as it seems, it makes you feel quite special at times. Boys, as insensitive as they may seem, they are the most vulnerable and breakable creatures alive. They really break if you leave them. At the moment it may seem that your friend doesn’t care about because he gives other girls more attention than you but deep down he can love no other like he loves you and if you get frustrated and leave then he will miss you like no other and he will apologize to you. He would give anything in the world just to have you back and you should forgive him. (But, at the same time think before you make a decision. Boys have a way with words. Make him realize your value.) If a boy really cares for you even if he “just your friend,” be with him till the end. Trust me, he’s a keeper and may be the one that really cares about from the bottom of his heart. 



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