I need time.


It may seem quite bizarre, but I often find myself wishing to be a child again but at the same time I want to give up all the immature things and grow up. It seems as if I’m stuck in a place where I can be neither. Staying a child lands me in all kinds of troubles where acting like a young adult lands me into even more trouble. It’s like people expect you to be a kid but flawless one that makes no mistakes.

Sometimes, I wish I could run away to a far away place, away from all the drama. I want a break, a time to myself. I want to explore myself, discover new qualities and talents in me. It’s as if I’m bound by ropes and gagged. I scream inside but outside not a single sound escapes my mouth. I am unable to express myself according to the understanding of the people around me.

I feel helpless but something tells me that I’ll survive. We all do. In the end, even if we are at the point of surrender, we make it through.


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