Happy Endings?


I don’t believe in happy endings. They don’t exist. They can’t be possible. Some people may agree with me and some people may be disgusted at my thoughts. I’m not trying to be insensitive but they just can’t exist.
I saw, what some people would call a ‘happy ending’ happen right in front of me. I would rather call it a happy moment because my definition of an ending is when you die. That is your ultimate end. Whatever happens before that? Those are just merely the different aspects of life.
Life is never balanced to one thing. You can’t always be happy and you can’t always be in pain. At some point you’ll be joyful and at some point you’ll be in grief. That is how life is. Problems won’t end after having a ‘happy ending’.
Happy endings are only the happy times of your life, memories of which you will cherish forever. So don’t think that once you get marrid to the right guy your problems in life will end. They will be better of course now that you have a companion to give you support and become your backbone in times of need.
I really am not an insensitive Person and I like happy endings but this is to point out the fantasies we make up in our minds seeing all those fairytales in our childhood.
So remember happy moments: don’t last but are never forgotten.


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  1. I agree to a certain extent. But an ending is not just the moment we die. Lots of things come to an end, and they can be happy at that time. Moments in time, yes, but the ending is happy. It can be both, a happy moment, but also an ending…

    • I agree to that but what I’m mainly trying to explain is that your life won’t be alway on a happy side but it will be balanced over all kinds of emotions and moments.

      • True. Maybe I took it the wrong way. It felt like you were saying there is no fairy tale, or happiness. Life is certainly made up of the good, bad and downright ugly. Happy and sad moments in with joy and anger…

      • Our lives to have happiness but even fairytales aren’t perfect are they? Life is a mixture of emotions and feelings that balance it out and make it beautiful 🙂

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