Just another option…


Why is it that I’m always surrounded by two-faced, lying hypocrites? They one person to my face but in front of anybody else they become someone else entirely. Sometimes it feels as if I’m on one side, alone, fighting everybody. It’s as if everybody is from this grown up world and I’m from the kiddy world and they can just come to me lie to my face and leave just like that and I would never know the truth. I mean how stupid do I look to you? They think I’m too much an idiot to notice their lies. And sometimes I truly do feel like a dumbass. I mean, I always put my 100% in every relationship. I never keep secrets, avoid miscommunication, I give them time and space, i trust them and believe them blindly and they just go on to prove that I shouldn’t. Sometimes I feel like I’m just another option to all of them, when everybody else in the world is gone they come to me with their problems. It’s not as if I mind them sharing stuff with me, in fact I love it, but why always the bad stuff? Why don’t they ever tell me the good things that happen? And the worst part is that I can’t leave them. I can’t, i just can’t. Even if I do, I’ll just come back. I can’t be heartless and people just go on and take advantage of my weakness, playing with my heart as if it’s some toy that’s in their possession and will stay there forever, which it probably will. 


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  1. Such a shame – you’re not alone, it’s the same for everyone
    Stay being yourself because one day you will meet someone that will love you for who you are – and most importantly, you will know somehow that you can trust them and you will be right.

      • To be honest, any relationship that you have to work at really hard and you find yourself being hurt means only one thing – he’s not the one.
        I know it’s hard but the secret is to have lots of friends and wait for that one person to arrive – be happy in yourself and smiley and he will find you

      • It’s not as if I’m getting hurt or anything, it’s merely the fact that I have too many insecurites and him being a popular Person with girls, I get jealous Very quickly.

      • Oh I see – then you have to find a way to be more confident about yourself – he may be popular with other girls, but he has chosen to be with you! That makes you better than all the rest!

      • Yeah I’m not really sure about that too.:P see, I’m a very confused person especially at this moment and well he’s kind of a flirt that makes me even more insecure and also the fact that he takes me as a friend only and i happen to be in love with him 😦

      • Ok, then this is going to be tough for you.
        Does he know you have these feelings?
        If not, then you need to make him aware with subtle gestures.
        There is another blogger I follow which gives good advice that might help. I will send you a message again once I have copied down their blog details.

      • ok..I told him once straight with any hints or gestures with hidden meanings but it seems that either he forgot or he thought that i was joking. :/

      • Ok,
        I might help me to understand if I knew how old you are (not that too much changes, but it would help me).

        Painful times though, I understand that 😦

        If you read the blog I sent you – some of the content may help you understand how men work.

        Good luck though – matters of the heart dictate how we are feeling all our lives – if it helps, I’m 43 years old and the emotional ups and downs haven’t ended for me yet!

      • You’d be shocked to know I’m still a kid. I’m 14 and it’s part of the reason why I no longer want to Fall in love with anyone and the thought kinda makes me disgusted sometimes because I’m too young. I should be enjoying my life and I guess that is what I was doing amd this happened. I never expected this because I thought guy friends were like brothers amd would remain that way. Guess I was mistaken.

      • I’m not shocked and being 14 makes you a young woman – there is no reason why you shouldn’t feel in love with a guy.

        The biggest problem you will face is that the boy you like is probably far less mature than you. I presume he’s the same age.

        At 14, love hurts just as much as it does at any age.

        Don’t feel disgusted, feeling love for someone is the most important thing in the world and there is no rules on age.

        Enjoy the excitement you feel when you see him
        Enjoy listening to songs that remind you of him
        Enjoy daydreaming about being his girl

        Everyone in the world right now is doing the same thing – sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t – that’s the fun.

        Good luck and be happy 🙂

      • Thankyou 🙂 That actually makes me feel a lot better 🙂 and yes he is immature but not more than me and he’s a year older. We have the Same star; Pisces ^_^

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