Don’t Be Another Copy


This picture reminds me of a friend who is constantly trying to change everybody to her liking. It’s in her nature to want things her way. She doesn’t like to accept people the way they are. I love her and all my other friends and i wouldn’t want to change them for the world. It’s their weaknesses and strengths that make them special for me. It’s their flawed personalities that made me want to become their freind in the first place. If each and everyone of us was the same, possessed the same qualities, the same strengths, the same weaknesses wouldn’t this world become boring and monotonous? There would be no surprises, no differences, no colours. People wouldn’t know about the joy a person feels when he comes accross a person very different from him, but completes him like two pieces of a puzzle. It is the different people in this world that make it beautiful and colourful, like a rainbow. Appreciate everybody for who they are, because if they weren’t, you might never have met them in the first place. My friends are what complete me, they cover my weakness just like I cover theirs.

Simple Tom

Don't Be Another Copy




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