Hidden Emotions


Its astounding how some people are so skilled in hiding their emotions that nobody, not even their closest friend can’t have a single clue to what’s going on in their lives.

Yesterday, at school my bestfriend left early. I was astonished to find out that the reason why she left was because her brother was sick. Now I know its not something to be so surprised about but up until then I had no idea she even had a brother. Turned out he was mentally unstable and yeah, that’s kind of reasonable as to why she didn’t talk about him. But he was really sick and she could’ve shown some sign of grief but she was the same happy-go-lucky girl. Today I called her up and asked her the matter, well her brother had passed away in the morning at ten. but the strange thing is that if I hadn’t called her up and asked her about this, she would’ve shown up on monday acting as if nothing would’ve happened and I wouldn’t even have a clue.

What I don’t understand is how do they do it. I mean, I’ve been through a lot of stuff and never have I once suppressed my feelings. I always have to let it all out be it on my friend or somebody completely unknown. I am not a person who keeps her feelings bottled up. I understand, everybody is different but how long can they go like this without expressing themselves? Sometimes, when there is nobody to comfort me, I cry. I let it all out through my tears. But still, even after doing that I need to talk to someone. How can they just be so hard on the inside that they can just go on without letting it all out?

People often say these people are the strong ones. No they aren’t. These are the people who are the most weak ones. They have this tendency to errupt anytime when it gets too much. And trust me, when they do errupt it’s not a beautiful sight.

I agree, you can’t tell all of your feelings to everybody but you should at least put some trust in someone. I believe in expressing. Because when you don’t, it stays inside you forever and bothers you for the rest of your life.

And also to those like me, try to understand the situations of others. Take this incident for example, up until then i believed my friend had a perfect life. She had everything and she was happy. We used to point it out to her that she was not a deep person because she had never felt pain like we did. Little did we knoe she had felt pain like none of us ever will. If a person is quiet and doesn’t tell you much about their problems then that doesn’t mean they don’t have any.

And in the end I would like to encourage all those who have it all bottled up, please express yourselves. Be it through talking to a friend, writing something down, crying or maybe even scream out loud if you have to. But please, express yourselves, it’s not healthy.

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