Us and our bizarre thoughts..


Recently I was going through a situation in which i fell in love with my friend and well i cried a lot because he has a girlfriend and yeah he doesn’t love me back.. Anyhow so I was thinking and i realized that we are the most bizarre people around… We all desperately need love but most of the time when someone loves us and cares for us often push them away. We find them annoying and well irritating but when it comes to loving someone we want that one person who is so hard to get that we almost have no chance with him/her. We  always fall for that one person who doesn’t love us and doesn’t care for us.

When i was going through this situation one of my friends never left my side. He was there the whole time. He was there when I was crying, he was there to comfort me at all times. And all the time he is so sweet and so caring but I never fell for him. Instead, I fell for that one guy who ignores me, argues with me, fights with me all the time and I’m sure as hell doesn’t care for me.

And trust me this hurts when you are the victim. I love this guy and all he does is run after other girls who are complete bitches and don’t love him at all. I’s almost annoying and you know in the end you kind of start wishing you could kill him.

In the end it all just forms a love triangle. Those who love get hurt, others? They just don’t care. Shit happens. Life goes on. You just gotta hold you head up high and ignore the damn world and and it unusual ways.


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  1. The mind can play funny tricks on us sometimes. Are you sure you love this guy? Perhaps its your ego that loves him because you can´t get him. Your ego wants to be satisfied into getting what it wants. If you look deep inside of yourself would you really like to have this guy as your boyfriend? Would you trust him in a relationship? Could he really make you happy?

    • That is something I have never thought of before. This could be Very true but you see this guy who I claim to have fallen in love with is kind of my bestfriend. You know we talk a lot like all the time..We argue with each other just for fun but He also the guy with who I fight with the most and He always tries to make it up to me and He does. He always says that He cares for me a lot but sometimes He fails to show it. I don’t know maybe it is just me that I want undivided attention from him but He is one of those guys that run after the hot ones not the others.. I’m not Exactly sure you know…not anymore at least.. What do you think?

      • To be frank I think if you´ve got stronger feelings for him than him for you it will not be a healthy situation for you to be in. The only way to know is if you pull away from him and start getting on with your life away from him. If he comes after you, he (and you) may discover what his feelings are for you. I think you should go your own way and if he really likes you he´ll come after you. Just make sure you trust him and he puts you first. Otherwise you´re doing yourself an injustice. You need to be strong and do the things that you know will make you happy.

      • Yeah my friend suggested I do this and I did. I started ignoring him…I stopped replying to his messages and yes after a while He did come back. He messaged me again and we talked. But the fact is that I’m not sure about his feelings and neither is he. He knows how I feel and he even proposed me because he didn’t want to hurt me but obviously I can’t force him into a realtionship with someone he isn’t Exactly sure about. Even if he has feelings for he surely doesn’t know.

        You know I’m curious.. how do you know and understand my situation? Have you been through something similar?

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