The Darkness


It is dark. Very dark. The dark can be scary sometimes. You never know the challenges it might present you with. You may be happy one moment and crying the next. The dark hurts. It’s a silent killer. It kills you slowly, painfully, taking in every moment. It’s cruel and brutal. It’s unjust, it rewards the criminals and punishes the victims.
The dark has a way of trapping you. It lures you in with his cunning ways. You’ll never understand how you ended up just did….You can’t run can find you to every corner of the world.. You can’t hide…it will find you.. And once you go in there is no way out…. You might want to scream but there is nobody to hear you.. You are stuck in it’s dead-end trap forever.
The dark is a game..with one simple rule; join the criminals or be punished with the victims.
It seems so beautiful from the light…more beautiful than light perhaps.. but that is just a reality dark is an ugly monster. It’s cruel and unfair. It’s life.


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